Osborne railway station

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Location Osborne Road
Line(s) Outer Harbor Line
Distance 19.6 km from Adelaide
Platforms 1
Bus routes

150 to City (Victoria Road)
330 North Haven Loop

333 to Port Adelaide (Military Road)
Parking Yes
Bicycle facilities No
Opened 30 November 1908
Rebuilt 1980s
Preceding station   TransAdelaide   Following station
toward Adelaide
Outer Harbor line
toward Outer Harbor

Osborne railway station is located on the Outer Harbor line.[1] Situated in the north-western Adelaide suburb of Osborne, it is 19.6 kilometres from Adelaide station.

Just south of the station, the line from Adelaide becomes single track for the remainder of the journey to Outer Harbor. It once had two platforms but one closed in the 1980s when the balloon loop north was removed. The level crossing next to the station has the remnants of the second track still visible. Just south of the station, a line branched off to the ICI Osborne works, this has since been dismantled.

Some peak hour services from Adelaide terminate at Osborne.[1]

Transport links[edit]

Bus Transfers: Stop 60A (Osborne Road)
Route No. Destination & Route Details
North Haven Loop via Victoria Road, Outer Harbor Ssation, Lady Gowrie Drive & Marmora Terrace[2]
Bus Transfers: Stop 60 (Victoria Road)
Route No. Destination & Route Details
City via Victoria Road, Carnarvon Terrace, Fletcher Road & Port Road[3]
Bus Transfers: Stop 59 (Military Road)
Route No. Destination & Route Details
Port Adelaide via Military Road, Hart Street, Glanville station & Semaphore Road[4]


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Coordinates: 34°47′35″S 138°29′57″E / 34.79304°S 138.49917°E / -34.79304; 138.49917