Oscar (video game)

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Oscar Amiga cover art.jpg
Amiga cover art
Developer(s) Flair Software
Publisher(s) Flair Software
Titus France (SNES)[1]
Designer(s) Philip Scott
Michael Hedley
Philip Nixon
Mark Sample
Programmer(s) Michael Hedley
Artist(s) Philip Nixon
Mark Sample
Composer(s) Philip Nixon
Platform(s) Amiga, Amiga CD32, MS-DOS, SNES
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Single-player

Oscar is a platform game that was released on Amiga, Amiga CD32, and MS-DOS in 1993, and on SNES in 1996. It was developed and published by Flair Software. The CD32 version was bundled with the CD32 console on the same disc as the puzzle game Diggers.

The player controls a character named Oscar through seven Hollywood-themed levels collecting Oscars.

Sequels and remakes[edit]

The game was remade for the SNES in 1996, but with some changes, including a Game Boy item. On September 14th, 2009, the first sequel was released. It is called Oscar in Toyland, and it is themed around toys. On February 8th, 2010, the second sequel was released. It is called Oscar in Movieland, and it is themed around various movie genres. On February 14th, 2011, the third sequel was released. It is called Oscar in Toyland 2, and it is a sequel to Oscar in Toyland. About 5 months later, on July 28th, 2011, the fourth and final sequel was released. It is called Oscar's World Tour, and the theme is going around the world. All of these sequels were only released on DSiWare.


Computer Gaming World in April 1994 said that the PC version of Oscar was "another very average platformy, arcadey, bounce-em-around" with "confusing" graphics. The magazine predicted that it "will only appeal to total platform addicts who will likely find something better to waggle their joysticks at anyway".[2]


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