Oscar Carl Gustav Ankarcrona

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Oscar Carl Gustav Ankarcrona (born 10 June 1857), was a Huntsman-Major of the Court of the King of Sweden, Major of the Swedish Army, etc., son of Conrad Victor Ankarcrona (1823–1912), Grand Master of the Court of the King of Sweden, etc., and wife and cousin (m. 1851) Ebba Charlotta, Grefvinnan Bielke (1828–1911).

Family and children[edit]

He married on 20 November 1886 Anna Elisabeth Aurora Carleson, born on 5 November 1867, daughter of Edvard Henrik Carleson (1820–1912), Councilor of Justice, Councilor of State of the Kingdom of Sweden, etc., and wife (m. 1863) Marie Louise Aurore Arfwedson (b. 18 August 1846), and had issue, at least two daughters:[1][2]


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