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Oscar Heinrich Daniel Hinsberg (21 October 1857, Berlin – 13 February 1939) was a German chemist.

In 1882 he obtained his doctorate in sciences at the University of Tübingen,[1] later serving as a professor at the Universities of Freiburg and Geneva.[2]

He is known for research involving synthesis of oxindole, sulfone and thiophene.[3] In 1890 he introduced the "Hinsberg reaction", a test used for differentiation of primary, secondary and tertiary amines.[4]


  • Ueber Oxalsäurederivate des Metanitroparatoluidins und des Metaparadiamidotoluols, 1882.[5]
  • Ueber die Wirkung des Acetphenetidins, (with internist Alfred Kast 1856-1903). in Centralblatt für die medicinischen Wissenschaften, Berlin, 1887, 25: 145-148. - introduction of phenacetine.[6]


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