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Oscar Marius Nierstrasz
Born(1957-10-15)October 15, 1957
CitizenshipCanada, Switzerland and Italy
Alma materUniversity of Toronto
Scientific career
FieldsComputer Science
InstitutionsUniversity of Toronto, Université de Genève, University of Berne

Oscar Marius Nierstrasz (born (1957-10-15)October 15, 1957) is a Professor at the Computer Science Institute (IAM) at the University of Berne, and a specialist in software engineering and programming languages. He is active in the field of

  • programming languages and mechanisms to support the flexible composition of high-level, component-based abstractions, and
  • tools and environments to support the understanding, analysis and transformation of software systems to more flexible, component-based designs.[1]

He has led the Software Composition Group at the University of Bern since 1994 to date (December 2011).[2]

CyberChair, an Online Submission and Reviewing System, is based on Oscar Nierstrasz's publication called Identify the champion,[3] where he described the peer review process for contributions to scientific conferences using an organizational pattern language.[4]

Nierstrasz co-authored several books such as Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns[5] and Pharo by Example.[6] He was editor of the Journal of Object Technology from 2010 to 2013, succeeding the founding editor, Richard Wiener.[7][8]

Nierstrasz won the Senior Dahl–Nygaard_Prize in 2013.


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