Oscar and the Lady in Pink (novel)

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Oscar and the Lady in Pink
Oscar and the Lady in Pink on theatre.
Author Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Original title Oscar et la dame rose
Country France
Language French
Series Cycle de l'invisible
Genre Drama
Published 2002 (French)
Pages 100

Oscar and the Lady in Pink (French: Oscar et la dame rose) is a novel of Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, the third chapter of the series « Cycle de l'invisible », published in 2002.


The book is composed of letters by a boy of ten years old, who address them to God. They are encouraged by "Mamie Rose," the Lady in Pink of the title, who visits him in hospital in the pink uniform worn by volunteers on the children's ward. The letters describe twelve days in the life of Oscar and are filled with funny, moving characters.

These twelve days are to be his last, but thanks to Mamie Rose, who forms a close and affectionate bond with Oscar, they are to become legendary as Oscar "ages" ten years each day. Oscar has several friends in this novel, including "Pop Corn," "Bacon," and "Einstein." These names are nicknames given in relation to their diseases. He falls in love with "Peggy Blue," another patient who is entirely blue due to her sickness.


In 2009, the author finished a film (Oscar and the Lady in Pink) based on the novel with Michèle Laroque in the role of Mamie Rose.


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