Ose (torrent)

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Torrente Ose 1.jpg
Ose (torrent)
Country Umbria, Italy
Basin features
Main source Spello
River mouth Topino
Physical characteristics
Length 10 km (6.2 mi)
  • Average rate:
    0.3 m3/s (11 cu ft/s)

The Ose is a torrent in Umbria, central Italy.

Its spring is on the comune of Spello, in the territory of Umbria. Ose is affluent of Topino. After passing through the comuni of Spello, Assisi and Bettona, it joins the Topino before flowing into the Tiber.

Ose torrent

Coordinates: 43°01′53″N 12°35′08″E / 43.031389°N 12.585556°E / 43.031389; 12.585556