Oseberg Transport System

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Oseberg Transport System (OTS)
Country Norway
General direction west-east
From Oseberg
To Sture terminal
General information
Type oil
Operator Norsk Hydro
Commissioned 1988
Technical information
Length 115 km (71 mi)
Maximum discharge 765,000 barrels per day (121,600 m3/d)

Oseberg Transport System (OTS) (Norwegian: Oseberg Transport System, OTS) is a pipeline system in western Norway. It is 115 km (71 mi) long and runs from Oseberg, Veslefrikk, Brage, Frøy and Lille-Frigg to Sture terminal, located 65 kilometres (40 mi) north of Bergen, Norway.[1][2] The operation of the pipeline was commenced in 1988.[3] Total investment in the pipeline construction was about 9.8 billion NOK.[4]

Technical features[edit]

The pipeline is placed in a tunnel close to the coast line. The tunnel is 2.3 kilometres (1.4 mi) long and its opening is at depth of 80 metres (260 ft).[2] The pipeline diameter is 28 inches (710 mm). The capacity of OTS is 765,000 barrels per day (121,600 m3/d).[3] Operating life is expected to be nearly 40 years[4]


The OTS is operated by Statoil and includes other licensees [5]

Company Share
Petoro AS 48.38%[4]
Norsk Hydro 22.24%
Statoil ASA 14.0%
Mobil Development Norway 4.33%
Norske Conoco A/S 2.4%

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