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For the downtown Toronto building that originally housed the law school, see Osgoode Hall.
Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
Osgoode Hall Law School coat of arms.png
Coat of arms of Osgoode Hall Law School
Motto Per Jus Ad Justitiam
Established 1889 (1889)
Type Faculty (law school)
Parent institution
York University
Dean Lorne Sossin
Academic staff
Students 905[1]
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
43°46′15″N 79°30′16″W / 43.7707°N 79.5044°W / 43.7707; -79.5044Coordinates: 43°46′15″N 79°30′16″W / 43.7707°N 79.5044°W / 43.7707; -79.5044
Website www.osgoode.yorku.ca
Osgoode Hall Law School Wordmark

Osgoode Hall Law School is the faculty of law of York University in Toronto. The law school was originally located at the downtown Osgoode Hall and is now primarily located on York University's Keele Campus. Named after the first Chief Justice of Ontario, William Osgoode, the law school was established by The Law Society of Upper Canada in 1889.

The law school is home to the Law Reform Commission of Ontario, the Osgoode Hall Law Journal, and the German Law Journal. Osgoode also hosts Professional Development Programs (OPD). A variety of LL.M. and academic Ph.D. degrees in law are available. The current dean of the law school is Lorne Sossin.[2]

Maclean's Magazine has ranked Osgoode second amongst Canadian common law schools in 2011, 2012 and 2013.[3][4][5] In the latest rankings published by Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Osgoode was ranked first in Canada, narrowly beating the University of Toronto Faculty of Law for the top spot.[6] Osgoode was awarded high marks for the quality of its professors, flexible curriculum, and the diversity and relevance of course offerings.[7]


Osgoode is one of the largest and most recognized [8] law schools in the country, with a current class size of approximately 290 students per year.[9] Competing for these spots are on average 2,500 to 3,000 applicants per year; as a result, the admissions process is highly competitive, with approximately 10-13% of applicants ultimately attending. For the 2014 1st year class, the median CGPA was 3.64, while the median LSAT score was 161, or in the 83rd percentile.[10]

In contrast to some Canadian schools, Osgoode employs a holistic approach to admissions rather than a purely mathematical ranking. Thus, extracurricular activities, graduate studies, and work experience are also considered when assessing an applicant, as well as the quality of the student's application statements. This holistic policy is intended to "identify a diverse and outstanding group of students whose outstanding academic abilities, varied achievements and sustained engagement make a continuing positive contribution to the Law School, the legal profession and the community."[11] An emphasis on "overcoming adversity and systemic barriers"[12] is also upheld. As a result, class demographics at Osgoode include a higher proportion of visible minorities and mature students than other schools. Caucasian students comprise only 57% of Osgoode's class of 2018, while 17% of students held Masters degrees, and 14% were aged 30 years or over.[13]


University rankings
Global rankings
Canadian rankings
Maclean's Common Law[14] 2

The first year class of Osgoode Hall Law School in 1944

For its first seven decades, Osgoode Hall Law School was located at Osgoode Hall at the corner of Queen Street and University Avenue near the University of Toronto but it was not affiliated with the University. In 1969, after a decision by the Ontario Ministry of Education requiring law schools to be affiliated with a university, the Osgoode Hall Law School relocated to the campus of York University that is now called the Ignat Kaneff Building, while retaining a small downtown campus in central Toronto. Since its absorption as a faculty of York University, it has been known as the Osgoode Hall Law School of York University.

The structures at Queen and University (the earliest dating from 1832) are still known as Osgoode Hall. They remain the headquarters of the Law Society of Upper Canada and house the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

The law school is housed in a building named in honor of donor Ignat Kaneff

In May 2007, Dean Monahan announced plans for an extensive renovation and extension of Osgoode Hall Law School involving a renovation of the existing building, and the addition of an additional wing. The building was designed by architect Jack Diamond with the construction of the renovated building beginning in the summer of 2009. The project has been majorly funded by a $2.5 million gift by Ignat Kaneff, and the building will be renamed in his honor.[15]

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Osgoode Hall Law Library - Lower Level Stacks

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