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Nickname(s): tjaa-kwambi
Motto: Together we can succeed
Oshikuku is located in Namibia
Location in Namibia
Coordinates: 17°38′00″S 15°28′00″E / 17.63333°S 15.46667°E / -17.63333; 15.46667Coordinates: 17°38′00″S 15°28′00″E / 17.63333°S 15.46667°E / -17.63333; 15.46667
Country  Namibia
Region Omusati Region
Constituency Oshikuku Constituency
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 2,761
Time zone South African Standard Time (UTC+1)
Climate BSh
Efundja flooding near Oshikuku

Oshikuku is a town in Omusati Region in the north of Namibia. It is the district capital of Oshikuku Constituency.[2]

Oshikuku features a secondary school, Nuuyoma Senior Secondary School, and a hospital. Its neighbouring villages are Outapi, Elim and Ogongo.


After Iipumpu Ya Tshilongo, king of the Uukwambi from 1907 to 1932, had resisted the establishment of mission stations in his territory for years, he finally allowed the Catholic Church to establish the first mission station in former Ovamboland in Oshikuku in 1924.[3] The station was established under the leadership of missionary and later Archbishop Joseph Gotthardt.[4] Oshikuku is until today home to a Roman Catholic Church parish.[5]


Oshikuku was a village until early 2011, when it was granted town status.[6] It is now is governed by a town council that has seven seats.[7]


Open Market[edit]

Oshikuku Town hosts numerous informal traders and hawkers, who frequently sell at roadsites and public spaces (e.g. in front of the hospital). In 2014 the construction of a modern market facility was completed and the majority of street vendors moved to this new facility. After an initial completion of the construction in 2013, the potential tenants demanded several improvements before showing willingness to move in. The market features numerous open stalls and several rooms with access to electricity, water and sanitation. The market is expected to increase safety and hygiene of trade in Oshikuku.[8]

Industrial Park[edit]

Since 2007, Oshikuku has a government built and managed industrial park, accommodating various SMEs and larger businesses. The facility aims at increasing the town´s manufacturing potential by providing subsidised business amenities, preferably to local small and medium enterprises. Oshikuku Industrial Park was developed by the Offshore Development Company (ODC).[9]

Notable residents[edit]

Oshikuku is the birthplace of Liborius Ndumbukuti Nashenda, Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in Namibia. Iipumpu Ya Tshilongo, eighteenth king of the Uukwambi, died here in 1959.[10]


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