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Oshkosh Corporation
Traded as NYSEOSK
Industry Automotive
Founded 1917
Founder William Besserdich, Bernhard Mosling
Headquarters Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Charles Szews (CEO)
Products Trucks, Military vehicles
Revenue IncreaseUS$ 8.18 billion(FY 2012)[1]
DecreaseUS$ 3.66 million (FY 2012)[1]
DecreaseUS$ 2.3 million (FY 2012)[1]
Total assets IncreaseUS$ 4.95 billion (FY 2012)[1]
Total equity IncreaseUS$ 1.85 billion (FY 2012)[1]
Number of employees
13,200 [1]
Website www.oshkoshcorporation.com
Oshkosh global headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA
Oshkosh Plant

Oshkosh Corporation, formerly Oshkosh Truck, is an American industrial company that designs and builds specialty trucks, military vehicles, truck bodies and access equipment. Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the company employs 12,300 people around the world.[2][3] It is organized in four primary business groups: access equipment, defense, fire and emergency, and commercial.


Founded in 1917 as the Wisconsin Duplex Auto Company, the company was created to build a severe-duty four-wheel-drive truck. After the first prototype was built, the company began to develop rapidly. This first four-wheel-drive truck, known today as "Old Betsy", is still owned by Oshkosh Corporation and housed in one of its assembly plants in Oshkosh. The vehicle still runs and is used frequently in demonstrations and parades.[4][5]


Oshkosh Corporation is headquartered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It has manufacturing operations in 11 countries and additional service operations in 16 countries. The Access Equipment division is headquartered in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania; the Defense division in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; the Fire & Emergency division in Appleton, Wisconsin; and the Commercial division in Dodge Center, Minnesota.

Oshkosh products and services are sold in more than 130 countries around the globe. The company also maintains a global service network.


Oshkosh Corp. manufactures, distributes and services products under the brands of Oshkosh, JLG, Pierce, McNeilus, Jerr-Dan, Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles, Frontline, CON-E-CO, London Machinery Inc., and IMT.


Access equipment[edit]

  • Articulating boom lifts
  • Electric boom lifts
  • Mast-style boom lifts
  • Towable boom lifts
  • Telescopic boom lifts
  • Scissor lifts
  • Vertical personnel lifts
  • L trailers



Fire and emergency[edit]




Since 1996, Oshkosh has completed fifteen acquisitions and two divestitures:

  • 1996- Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.
  • 1997- Nova Quintech
  • 1998- McNeilus Companies, Inc.
  • 1999- Kewaunee Fabrications, L.L.C.[13]
  • 1999- Viking Truck & Equipment
  • 2000- Medtec Ambulance Corporation (Defunct as of July 2012[14])
  • 2001- Geesink Norba Group (divested 2009[15])
  • 2001- TEMCO [16]
  • 2004- Jerr-Dan Corporation[17]
  • 2004- BAI Corporation (divested 2009[18])
  • 2005- CON-E-CO [19]
  • 2005- London Machinery, Inc. [20]
  • 2006- AK Specialty Vehicles, now known as Oshkosh Specialty Vehicles.[21]
  • 2006- IMT (Iowa Mold Tooling)[22]
  • 2006- JLG Industries

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