Osiedle Zielone Wzgórza, Białystok

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For the estate north of Poznań, see Murowana Goślina.
Osiedle Zielone Wzgórza
Location of Osiedle Zielone Wzgórza
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Zielone Wzgórza is one of the districts of the Polish city of Białystok.

Zielone Wzgòrza Osiedle/neighborhood as well as Leśna Dolina Osiedle/neighborhood are part of Dzielnica/Section of Słoneczny Stok of Białystok. Słoneczny Stok was built 1st, and looks the most like a gray communist 'public' housing area. Zielone Wzgòrza Osiedle was built during the transition time (Mr. Edward Gierek's 1980s and 'free' 1990s), from the centralized to capitalist economy, and looks almost as nice and green as does Lesna Dolina Osiedle.

The dominant type of buildings within Zielone Wzgorza are four-floor apartment buildings with balconies, and small business area on the 1st floor of the outside wall of the buildings set-up in the shape of a letter "U." In the middle of each U-shaped grouping of buildings there are parking lot, recreational area for small children, trash disposal, and place to clean rugs and carpets as well as low growing coniferous trees and grass. Each unit within a given building is assigned a basement cell as well as parking space. Moreover, even during the Communist rule most people either did pre-pay partial amount needed to build their apartment to the Construction Corporation, and afterwards have had to pay lesser rent than if they just rented, or they, if they could afford to, bought out, paid in full for, the apartment, and have had to pay for electricity and gas on their own.

The right to own a private property was for the 1st time upheld by the Polish Communists in years 1954-1956, after the death of Stalin, when the private farming as well as limited (and over years progressively less limited*) free market sale of farm produce was allowed, out of all Eastern Bloc countries, only in Poland.[citation needed]

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