Osinovetsky Light

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Osinovetsky Light
Osinovetskiy Lighthouse.jpg
Osinovetsky Light in 2007
Osinovetsky Light is located in Leningrad Oblast
Osinovetsky Light
Russia Leningrad Oblast
LocationLake Ladoga
Leningrad Oblast
Coordinates60°7′7.6″N 31°4′49.6″E / 60.118778°N 31.080444°E / 60.118778; 31.080444Coordinates: 60°7′7.6″N 31°4′49.6″E / 60.118778°N 31.080444°E / 60.118778; 31.080444
Year first constructed1905[1]
Constructionstone tower
Tower shapecylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternred and white bands tower, white lantern
Tower height230 feet (70 m)
Focal height243 feet (74 m)
CharacteristicFl WRG
ARLHS numberERU-147[2]

Osinovetsky Light (Russian: Осиновецкий маяк) is an active lighthouse in Lake Ladoga, in Leningrad Oblast, Russia. It is located on a headland near the southwest corner of the lake near Kokorevo. The light marks the west side of the entrance to the southernmost bay of the lake, leading to the Neva entrance.

At a height of 230 feet (70 m) it is the eighth tallest "traditional" lighthouse in the world.[3] It is a slightly shorter twin of Storozhenskiy Light.

The lighthouse has served as an important landmark in the Road of Life during the Siege of Leningrad (September 8, 1941 to January 27, 1944).[4]

The current lightkeeper, Sergey Shulyatev, has had this position since 1987 and as of 2010 is the oldest lighthouse keeper in Russia.[5]

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