Osip Aptekman

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Osip Aptekman
Born March 30, 1849
Pavlohrad, Yekaterinoslav Governorate, Russian Empire
Died July 8, 1926

Osip Vasiliyevich Aptekman (Russian: Осип Васильевич Аптекман) (March 18(30), 1849, Pavlohrad – July 8, 1926) was a Russian revolutionary, member of the Land and Liberty, and one of the founders of the Black Repartition. He studied medicine in Kharkov from 1870.[1]


By 1878, Osip V. Aptekman was a member of Land and Liberty. When Land and Liberty faced an internal crisis over tactics and thus broke into two factions in August 1879, Aptekman sided with the more cautious Black Partition grouping which insisted that the continued use of propaganda was the best means of achieving social change.

In 1893 and 1894 Aptekman was one of the primary leaders of the People's Rights Party (Partiia Narodnogo Prava), an illegal constitutionalist populist organization.[2]


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