Osiris Shoes

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Osiris Shoes
Industry Skateboarding Footwear
Founded 1996
Headquarters Oceanside, California
Products Skateboard shoes, clothes, hats, accessories
Parent Meios Inc
Website www.osirisshoes.com

Osiris Shoes is a skateboard shoe brand that was founded in 1996 and has evolved in to one of today’s iconic youth lifestyle brands.

Over the past 22 years it has pioneered some of the most iconic trends in action sports footwear.

Starting with the technical skate shoe domination of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, to the west coast artist movement of the mid 2000’s with

legendary artist like OG ABEL and MAXX242, to the high top revolution of the late 2000’s with the introduction of the NYC83 (formally the BRONX)

that has spawned several adaptations of its original self (like the Clone). Osiris has and will continue to create its own path in the world of footwear, always searching for what will set it apart from the rest.[citation needed]


Osiris NYC 83 shoes

The Osiris skateboard video "The Storm" (1999) won the Transworld magazine's readers poll's for best video.[citation needed]

A pair of Osiris D3 2001 shoes


As of October 2014, the company sponsors team members in skateboarding, BMX, surf, and echelon.

Osiris D3[edit]

Brian Reid Co. founder of the OSIRIS designed the D3 and D3 2001 with his business partner TONY MAGNUSSON. Brian and Dave Mayhew went shopping after Dave missed a meeting and wanted to endorse a shoe called the GURU. They bought a few shoes some athletic and one hiking boot. This is where the famous large looks were inspired by. Former professional skateboarder Dave Mayhew endorsed the "D3" model, a popular skate shoe.[1] The second version of the shoe, the "D3 2001", became very popular and Osiris then released a smaller, lighter, less bulkier version called the "D3 NTX". The "D3 4.0" and a "D3 Snowboarding" boot followed, and both were based on the design of the D3 2001 model.

The D3 2001 is still in production to this day, although Dave Mayhew only receives 7 % of royalties.[citation needed]


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