Osiris Shoes

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Osiris Shoes
Industry Skateboard
Founded 1996
Headquarters Carlsbad, California, U.S.
Products Skateboard shoes, clothes, hats, accessories
Website www.osirisshoes.com

Osiris Shoes is a skate shoe company that was founded in 1996 by Tony Chen, Tony Magnusson, Brian Reid, Doug Weston and Laura Kim. They created the company when they saw a void in the skateboard industry for pro designed and endorsed footwear.[citation needed]


Osiris NYC 83 shoes

The Osiris skateboard video "The Storm" (1999) won the Transworld magazine's readers poll's for best video.[citation needed]

A pair of Osiris D3 2001 shoes


As of October 2014, the company sponsors team members in skateboarding, BMX, surf, and echelon.

Osiris D3[edit]

Former professional skateboarder Dave Mayhew designed the "D3" model, a popular skate shoe.[1] The second version of the shoe, the "D3 2001", became very popular and Osiris then released a smaller, lighter, less bulkier version called the "D3 NTX". The "D3 4.0" and a "D3 Snowboarding" boot followed, and both were based on the design of the D3 2001 model.

The D3 2001 is still in production to this day, although Dave Mayhew receives no royalties.[citation needed]


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