Oslo Air Traffic Control Center

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Oslo Air Traffic Control Center or Oslo ATCC (Norwegian: Oslo Kontrollsentral) is responsible for the controlled airspace above Eastern Norway. The area control center is located at Røyken, between Oslo and Drammen. The Control Center is owned and operated by the state enterprise Avinor. Avinor's board had originally decided to close Oslo ATCC in 2008, transferring its responsibilities to Stavanger ATCC and a planned new terminal control center at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.[1] However, new management has postponed the actual closing, and redefined Oslo ATCC as an approach control with surrounding feeder sectors.

Oslo ATCC is served by Haukåsen radar, the airport radar at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, the new Torp radar and Evje radar. Several other radar feeds are available from other radars along the western coast of Norway.

The operation consists of one regular office building above ground. The control center itself where the air traffic controllers work is located in a large subterranean mountain hall well equipped to withstand onslaughts of many kinds. The hall has a great number of work stations that each can control one or more air traffic control sectors.


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