Oslo Port Authority

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Oslo Port Authority
Oslo Havn 17 June 2008.jpg
Oslo Havn KF's main offices at Vippetangen
Country Norway
Location Oslo
Coordinates Latitude: 59.902205 Longitude: 10.740768300000013
Opened 2004
Employees 123 (June 2015)
Port Director Anne Sigrid Hamran
Annual container volume 200,000 TEU's (2013)
Passenger traffic 6,500,000 people annually (2013)

Oslo Port Authority (Norwegian: Oslo Havn KF) is a kommunalt foretak (municipal enterprise), and accountable to the Municipality of Oslo. For many years, Oslo Havn KF was known as Oslo havnevesen (OHV) but was renamed on June 8, 2004, to its current name.

Today[when?], the enterprise has 123 employees and is managed by an elected board, Havnestyret and a Port Director, havnedirektøren. The organisation as a whole is divided into five branches: market, communication and environment, administration, finance and IT, real estate and urban development.

Oslo Havn KF's principal objectives are to ensure an effective and sustainable enterprise at the Port of Oslo by facilitating green and efficient maritime transport. Apart from the daily management of the port, it is also Oslo Havn KF's task to monitor the traffic in and out of the port and manage the port's estates in a responsible and sustainable manner.


Oslo Havn KF was first established by a Royal Charter, on September 16, 1735. The current day enterprise was then created as an executive body, a Port Commission, which makes Oslo Havn KF one of Norway's oldest organisations still in existence. The Port Commission, Havnekommissionen, was responsible for overlooking all the ports within Oslo's jurisdiction. In the first few decades the work primary consisted of controlling the depth of the waters, dredging works and mooring equipment, but as the years passed its responsibilities multiplied.

The Board[edit]

The highest authority in Oslo Havn KF is havnestyret, the executive board. The board consists of representatives from a range of positions; Oslo Municipality, the port's commercial users, employees and other nearby municipalities. On May 8, 2012, a new board was appointed with Bernt Stilluf Karlsen from the Norwegian Liberal Party as leader and Terje Kalheim from the Labour Party as deputy.

Anne Sigrid Hamran is Oslo Havn KF's Port Director and she has had the position since 2003.

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