Burgo de Osma Cathedral

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Cathedral of Burgo de Osma
Catedral del Burgo de Osma (Soria), Castilla, España.jpg
Cathedral of Burgo de Osma
Basic information
Geographic coordinates 41°35′08″N 3°04′16″W / 41.585629°N 3.071°W / 41.585629; -3.071Coordinates: 41°35′08″N 3°04′16″W / 41.585629°N 3.071°W / 41.585629; -3.071
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Prefecture Roman Catholic Diocese of Osma-Soria
Province Province of Soria
Region Castile and León
Country Spain
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type church
Architectural style Gothic, Baroque, Neoclassic
Groundbreaking 1232
Completed 1784
Height (max) 72m/236ft[1]

The Cathedral of Burgo de Osma is a Roman Catholic church located in El Burgo de Osma, central Spain. It is in the Gothic architectural style, and was constrcuted on an area previously occupied by a Romanesque church. It is one of the best preserved medieval buildings in the country[2] and considered one of the best examples of thirteenth-century gothic architecture in Spain.[3] The building of the church started in 1232, and was completed in 1784. The cloister is from 1512. The tower is from 1739.[4] The cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary.

It is the seat of the Bishop of Osma


The cathedral museum is home to several items of religious art. Among them is a Commentary on the Apocalypse from 1086.

Tower of the cathedral from far.


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