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Osmani "La Voz" García González is a Cuban reggaeton (cubatón) singer.


Cuban singer, songwriter and musical producer, Osmani “La Voz” (The Voice) García, began performing songs by Latin norteño band, Los Tigres del Norte and tenor, Luciano Pavarotti at the age of 3. His neighbors, fascinated by his talent, would trade homemade popsicles for a song. He first entered a choir at the age of 4, studied sound at primary school and sang at youth events. He was 12 years old when he composed his first song and began to study the best songs of every genre. He later went on to share stage with some of the island’s top acts, where he earned his second nickname, Osmani García, La Fábrica del Éxito, (The Hit Factory). At the age of 21 he composed his first popular song in honour of International Women’s Day. His muses include his mother and grandmother and powerful women such as Celia Cruz, Elena Burque, Gloria Torres, Laura Pausini, and his singing teacher, Chela, who always inspired him to sing with joy.[1]


Album "El Malcriao"[edit]

  • Intro
  • La malcria
  • Acaríciame
  • Hacer el amor (feat. La Sociedad)
  • No me enamoro (feat. Gente de Zona)
  • Deja la locura (feat. Los Cuatro Jose El Pillo)
  • Tú me hieres (feat. Laritza Bacallao)
  • Loca (feat. Jose El Pillo Leoni Torres)
  • Gira que te veo fija (feat. A.Daniel Jose El Pillo)
  • Nada contigo
  • No es culpa tuya
  • Mujer


  • Chupi chupi
  • El pudín
  • Se me va la musa
  • Fue suyo el error
  • Ella es mía
  • La putería
  • Mi amiguito el pipi
  • Pegua la vuelta (y olvídame)
  • El taxi (feat. Pitbull and Sensato)


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