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Osmond Gilles (24 August 1788 – 25 September 1866) was a settler, pastoralist, mine owner and South Australia’s first colonial treasurer.

Born in London of Huguenot descent, in 1816 he went into partnership with Philip Oakden in Hamburg, Germany as a merchant, where in 1825 he married Patience Oakden, Philip's sister. They returned to England, where his wife died in 1833. They had no children, and Gilles never remarried, but took on several protegees, including his nephew John Jackson Oakden.

Gilles migrated to the new Australian colony on the HMS Buffalo in 1836 and acted as the Colonial Treasurer. He was a prominent businessman and land owner, with the largest holdings of any settler in 1837. He was, with his secretary William Finke, and a few others, the fortunate ticket-holder in the ballot for the purchase of city acres at Glenelg,[1] of which he took full advantage.[2] He sat on the Street Naming Committee on 23 May, 1837.

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