Osoto otoshi

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Osoto otoshi
Classification Nage-waza
Sub classification Ashi-waza
Kodokan Yes
Technique name
Rōmaji Osoto otoshi
Japanese 大外落
English Big outer drop

Osoto Otoshi (大外落) is one of the preserved throwing techniques, Habukareta Waza, of Judo. It belonged to the fourth group, Yonkyo, of the 1895 Gokyo no Waza lists. [1] It is categorized as a foot technique, Ashi-waza.

Technique Description[edit]

The tori wraps one arm across the chest of the uke and hooks his leg with tori's own leg to slam uke to the mat back-first. This technique is similar to Osoto Gari with the one difference being the uke's leg in this case does not leave the ground, i.e. the tori hooks the uke's leg, not sweep it.

Technique History[edit]

Olympic judo silver-medalist Naoya Ogawa introduced this move to professional wrestling, where it can also be a lariat-legsweep combination to slam down opponent.

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Similar Techniques, Variants, and Aliases[edit]

Space Tornado Ogawa, the name the move is referred to in professional wrestling.

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