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Industry Beverage
Founded 1891
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand
Area served
Key people
Ratch Osathanugrah, President
Website www.osotspa.co.th/new/en/home/

Osotspa Co., Ltd. is a Thai beverage producer of drinks like Shark Stimulation. It is based in Bangkok. Osotspa sponsors Osotspa Samut Prakan F.C.


The origins of Osotspa date to 1891.[1] The business grew, and acknowledging their success, the family received from King Vajiravudh the honorary family name "Osathanugrah".[2] The business is still family-owned.[3]

After World War II the business continued to grow. The company name was changed to "Osotspa Co., Ltd.". In 1959, King Rama IX granted a royal warrant to the company, giving it permission to use the royal Garuda emblem. In 1965 the company began to import Lipovitan-D ("Lipo") energy drink from Japan's Taisho Pharmaceutical Company. Despite being classified as a pharmaceutical, it became very popular among working men. In 1969 Osotspa began to manufacture the product under license from Taisho Pharmaceutical.[2]

In 1970, M-150 was launched, which became the most successful product of the company. In 1978, regulations were changed that reclassified pharmaceutical products as food and beverages. This created new opportunities for product development. As a result, Magnum, which contained more caffeine than Lipovitan-D, was launched in 1980.[2] The market share of Osotspa increased along with total sales, and grew to 100 million bottles by 1989. The electrolyte drink M-Sport was launched in 1990, followed by Magnum 357 in 1998. SHARK energy drink was launched in Austria in the same year.[2]

In 2000, SHARK Cool Bite was launched, globally under the name SHARK Energy. Hang was introduced in 2003 as a cure for hangovers. M-150 was also introduced in powdered form, with sales reaching 10 million sachets per month. The year 2004 saw the launch of M-Max, which is only sold in Thailand. The following year SHARK Up and SHARK Lite were launched, which saw good sales. In 2007, M-150 was launched to new markets in Europe and South America. This drink experienced sales of over 700 million units per year by 2008.[2] This makes Osotspa the leading energy drink producer in Thailand,[4] and one of the leading in the world.[5]

In 2010 Osotspa has offices in Innsbruck, Larnaca, Santiago de Compostela, Harlow, Essex and Torrance, California.[2] The company is plans to invest in Burma.[6][7]

The company intends to list on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in 2016.[1][3]


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