Gnosca Observatory

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Gnosca Observatory
Organization private
Code 143
Location Gnosca, Ticino, Switzerland
Coordinates 46°14′4″N 9°1′27″E / 46.23444°N 9.02417°E / 46.23444; 9.02417Coordinates: 46°14′4″N 9°1′27″E / 46.23444°N 9.02417°E / 46.23444; 9.02417

The Gnosca Observatory (Italian: Osservatorio Astronomico di Gnosca) is an astronomical observatory at Gnosca, Ticino, Switzerland. It is owned and operated by amateur astronomer Stefano Sposetti and has the observatory code 143. At Gnosca Observatory, Stefano Sposetti has discovered numerous minor planets (also see Category:Discoveries by Stefano Sposetti).

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