Ossetian Military Road

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The Ossetian Military Road (Russian: Военно-Осетинская дорога, Georgian: ოსეთის სამხედრო გზა) was constructed between 1854 and 1889, by the Russian Empire in the Caucasus. The road runs through the Rioni and Ardon river valleys and links Kutaisi (Georgia) with Alagir (Russia), crossing the Greater Caucasus crest through the Mamison Pass (Kutaisi-Alpana-Mamison road) at 2,911 metres (9,551 ft). The 270 kilometres (170 mi) long route is seldom used today, having been supplanted by the 1971-1981 construction of the Transcaucasian Highway, which crosses the Caucasus range via the Roki Tunnel. Alternative crossings include the Georgian Military Road, which crosses the Jvari Pass at 2,379 metres (7,805 ft).



Coordinates: 42°40′58″N 43°43′38″E / 42.6827°N 43.7271°E / 42.6827; 43.7271