Ossetians in Turkey

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Ossetians in Turkey are citizens and denizens of Turkey who are, or descend from, ethnic Ossetians who originate in Ossetia in the Caucasus


They emigrated from North Ossetia since the second half of the 19th century, end of Caucasian War. Today, the majority of them live in Ankara and Istanbul. There are 24 Ossetian villages in central and eastern Anatolia. The Ossetians in Turkey are divided into three major groups, depending on their history of immigration and ensuing events:


It is estimated that the Ossetian population in Turkey is 20,000[2][3]—100,000 people.[4]

Ossetians and other Caucasian diaspora members protesting against Georgia during the 2008 South Ossetia war (August 13, 2008, Istanbul)


Ossetians in Turkey are predominantly Muslim.[citation needed]

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