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Ossi Runne in 1948

Yrjö Osvald "Ossi" Runne ( Rundberg, born April 23, 1927 in Viipuri, Finland, now Vyborg, Russia) is a Finnish trumpeter, orchestra leader, composer, and record producer.

In the early part of his career, Runne was known as a trumpeter and an orchestra leader.[1] Upon his return to Finland from the post of conductor for the China Variety Orchestra in Stockholm in 1957, he joined the Musiikki-Fazer company as a studio manager.[1] In 1965 he moved to Yleisradio and became head conductor of the national radio orchestra; later he led the TV 1 orchestra as well.[1] He retired from both positions in 1992.[2]

He is perhaps most recognized for conducting Finland's entries at the Eurovision Song Contest. He first conducted the entry "Playboy" (which he also composed)[1] at Luxembourg in 1966. Runne would go on to conduct 22 Finnish entries, ending in 1989.[2] In addition, he was also the Yleisradio Eurovision commentator in 1981 and 1990.[1]

He wrote an autobiography, Trumpetilla ja tahtipuikolla (With the trumpet and the baton) in 2003.[1]

List of bands affiliated with Runne[1][edit]

  • Ossi Runne Quintet (director, trumpeter 1944–1945)
  • Ossi Aalto Orchestra (trumpeter 1945–1948)
  • Toivo Kärki (trumpeter 1948–1949)
  • Olle Lindström Orchestra (trumpeter 1950–1951)
  • Erkki Aho Orchestra (trumpeter 1951–1953)
  • Ossi Runne Orchestra (band leader, trumpeter 1954–1955)
  • Al Stefano Orchestra (trumpeter 1955–1956)
  • China Variety Orchestra (conductor 1956–1957)
  • Yleisradio Orchestra (conductor 1965–1992)
  • Karelia Wind Band (band director 1986–2003)