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Ossie Abeyagoonasekera
Ossie Abeyagoonasekera.jpg
Member of the Sri Lanka Parliament
for Colombo District
In office
25 August 1994 – 24 October 1994
Personal details
Born7 August 1950
Died9 November 1994(1994-11-09) (aged 44)
Thotalanga, Grandpass, Sri Lanka.
NationalitySri Lankan
Political partySri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya
Other political
United National Party

Ahangama Withanage Oswin Nandimithra Abeyagoonasekera (known as Ossie Abeygunasekera) was a Member of Parliament and chairman and the leader of the Sri Lanka Mahajana Pakshaya or Party.[1] He was assassinated by a female suicide bomber of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) while attending an election rally in support of Gamini Dissanayake, for the Presidential election of 1994.[2] He was an alumnus of Ananda College, Colombo.

He was arrested as a Naxalite Prisoner in 1982 along with Vijaya Kumaratunga for printing the "Rice ration book". In 1986. he negotiated with the LTTE for a peaceful solution for the conflict and for the release of the Sri Lankan soldiers who was captured. After the death of his close friend Vijaya Kumarathunga, founder of the Sri Lanka Mahajana Party. he became its leader in 1988 until his death in 1994. He contested the Presidential election in 1989, creating the United Socialist Alliance(USA). During the 1989 revolution in Sri Lanka, his party lost the most members, 114 lives in all. In 1989, there were many assassination attempts made by the revolutionary group. which failed. He was an excellent orator and a visionary leader. in 1994 he was elected to parliament under the United National Party ticket.

Ossie Abeyagunasekera's father, A.W.A. Abeyagunasekera, was also a politician and the Chairman of Port Authority. A.W.A. Abeyagunasekera defeated the Communist Party leader Pieter Keuneman in the 1960s. A.W.A.Abeyagunasekera died in a plane crash in Mumbai.

Ossie Abeyagunasekera was married with one child, Asanga Abeyagoonasekera, who is the Director General of the Institute of National Security Studies Sri Lanka.[3]

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