Ossipee Mountains

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The Ossipee Mountains

The Ossipee Mountains are located just south of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, United States. Mount Shaw, at 2,990 feet (910 m), is the highest point in the range.

Geology and physiography[edit]

The Ossipee Mountains are the remains of an ancient volcanic ring dike.[1] The Ossipee ring-dike complex of central New Hampshire is a visible remnant of a Cretaceous stratovolcano, ca. 125 Ma, a member of the later White Mountain igneous province. The complex is circular in plain view and has a diameter of 14 km.[2] The ring-dike complex is easy to identify within web-browsed satellite images, the southeast edge located about 5 miles (8 km) northwest of the town center of Ossipee.

Notable summits[edit]

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Coordinates: 43°44′37″N 71°16′26″W / 43.74361°N 71.27389°W / 43.74361; -71.27389