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Clavicular fracture, 6 months after osteosynthesis with plate and screw fixation.
Tibia fracture, osteosynthesis with an intramedullary locking nail.
Radius-epiphysiolysis, osteosynthesis with K-wires
Hip fracture, before surgery and 5 month later with consolidation

Osteosynthesis is the reduction and internal fixation of a bone fracture with implantable devices that are usually made of metal. It is a surgical procedure with an open or per cutaneous approach to the fractured bone. Osteosynthesis aims to bring the fractured bone ends together and immobilize the fracture site while healing takes place. In a fracture that is rigidly immobilized the fracture heals by the process of intramembranous ossification.

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen is a major organisation dealing with issues of osteosynthesis.


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