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Luftaufnahme Osterseen.jpg
Osterseen is located in Bavaria
Coordinates47°47′25″N 11°18′15″E / 47.7903°N 11.3042°E / 47.7903; 11.3042Coordinates: 47°47′25″N 11°18′15″E / 47.7903°N 11.3042°E / 47.7903; 11.3042
Basin countriesGermany
Max. length5.2 km (3.2 mi)
Max. width1.0 km (0.62 mi)
Surface area223.55 ha (552.4 acres)
Average depth9.38 m (30.8 ft)
Max. depth29.7 m (97 ft)
Water volume20,975,100 m3 (740,730,000 cu ft)
Surface elevation588 m (1,929 ft)
Sections/sub-basinsGroßer Ostersee, Waschsee, Schiffhüttensee, Sengsee, Wolfelsee, Fohnsee, Helgraben, Brückensee, Herrensee, Fischkaltersee, Bräuhaussee, Forchsee, Eishausse, Östlicher Breitenauer See, Westlicher Breitenauer See, Ameisensee, Stechsee, Lintensee, Gröbensee, Kleiner Gartensee, Großer Gartensee, Ursee, Lustsee
SettlementsUnterlauterbach, Staltach (Iffeldorf)

Osterseen is a group of lakes in Bavaria, Germany, about 50 km (31 miles) south-south-west of Munich. At an elevation of 588 m (1,929 feet), its surface area is 223.55 ha (552.4 acres).


sorted by water body:

Großer Ostersee[edit]

(islands starting from North to South)

  • Holzau (6,1 hectares)
  • Marieninsel (2,3 hectares, Length 440 m in north–south orientation, width up to 80 metres)[1]
  • Steigerinsel (0,45 ha), formerly Putzen Eila
  • Roseninsel (0,013 ha oder 130 m2, actually two very small islands)
  • Schwaigerinsel (0,75 ha, 40 m distance from western bank)


  • unnamed island, c. 20 m distance from northern bank (0,09 ha)
  • unnamed island, c. 25 m from western bank (0,13 ha)


Grosser Ostersee

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  • Nixdorf, B.; et al. (2004), "Großer Ostersee", Dokumentation von Zustand und Entwicklung der wichtigsten Seen Deutschlands (in German), Berlin: Umweltbundesamt, p. 30