Osuzu Prefectural Natural Park

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Osuzu Prefectural Natural Park
Yatogi Waterfall 2009 001.JPG
Yatogi waterfall
Location Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Area 133.01 km²
Established 1 September 1958

Osuzu Prefectural Natural Park (尾鈴県立自然公園 Osuzu kenritsu shizen kōen?) is a Prefectural Natural Park in central Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. Established in 1958, the park is within the municipalities of Kawaminami, Kijō, and Tsuno. The area is celebrated for the Mount Osuzu (尾鈴山?) group of waterfalls - which have been designated a Place of Scenic Beauty.[1][2][3]

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