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Otávio Fantoni, best known as Nininho or Fantoni II (4 April 1907 – 8 February 1935[1]) was a Brazilian professional football (soccer) player, who played as a forward or as a midfielder.

He was born in Belo Horizonte, into a family of Italian origin, which supported Cruzeiro, than known as Palestra Itália. In Cruzeiro, he played along with his cousins João Fantoni (Ninão) and Leonízio Fantoni (Niginho). In 1931, they were sold to Lazio, where they would be known by their surnames, like a dynasty: Nigão was Fantoni I, he was Fantoni II and Niginho, Fantoni III.[2]

They played along another Italian-Brazilian, Anfilogino Guarisi, in a squad known as "Brasilazio". Fantoni II and Guarisi were called to defend Italy national football team in the 1934 FIFA World Cup qualification game against Greece.[3] Unfortunately, Fantoni II wasn't called to the World Cup, just Guarisi.

Less than one year later, he injured his nose in a game against Torino. The injured became a generalized infection that would kill him. He died in Rome, aged 27, on 8 February 1935.


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