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Otello Bignami portrait by Gioacchino Passini in his Bolognese atelier in 1983

Otello Bignami (August 6, 1914 - December 1, 1989) was an Italian violin maker from Bologna.


The life of Otello Bignami closely resembles the lives of various 19th-century violin makers in that he drew much vitality from the farming and craft traditions of his origins. He was a student of Gaetano Pollastri, and the possibility to be able to indicate on his instrument labels that he was a student of Pollastri contributed towards launching his career.

Bignami also practiced the profession of restorer of fine art work and fine furniture, experiences which were undoubtedly valuable in preparing and composing his varnish.

He was awarded prizes at the International Exhibition of Cremona (1949), the Third National Competition of Santa Cecilia Academy of Rome (first prize, 1956), and the Wieniawski Competition in Poland ("best maker in Italy," 1957). He won first prize and Gold medal in 1967 at Bagnacavallo. In 1976 he was awarded a "gold violin" from the city of Bagnacavallo; subsequently he won a prize for his special dedication to teaching.

In the course of over forty years of incessant activity, he built a vast number of instruments in the violin family, including several quartets. His instruments are known for their beauty and acoustic qualities. Amongst his list of illustrious clients was David Oistrakh.

Bignami's role as a teacher, and subsequently director, in the violin making school instituted in Bologna during the early 1980s was decisive in insuring the continuity of the violin making tradition in this region.


"In his rare moments dedicated to relaxation, Otello ventured into another creative art with passion and real dedication: painting. He painted landscapes, still life, and flowers with sweet and melancholic shades, usually giving them away to relations and friends. This was another vehicle for Otello's idealistic and dreamy personality which he expressed without compromise. A silent and discreet way of offering an unforgettable memory of his soul." - Liutaio in Bologna / Violinmaker in Bologna by William Bignami

List of Pupils[edit]


In the course of over forty years of incessant activity, he built a vast number of instruments in the violin family, including several quartets (most prominent are from 1975,1976 & 1977). 1975 & 1976 were made as dedications to Gaetano Pollastri. 1977 was made as homage and dedication to Augusto Pollastri (marking the centenary celebration of Augusto's birth). Bignamis instruments are known for their beauty and acoustic qualities.

O. Bignami Viola which was part of a quartet from 1976:

Living Museum[edit]

Modern Bolognese Violin-Making Table

The Bolognese school that Bignami directed is now a living museum.[1] His workshop was carefully reconstructed and is still in use.[2]


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