Otero County Prison Facility

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Otero County Prison Facility
Location10 McGregor Range Road
Chaparral, New Mexico
Managed byManagement and Training Corporation

The Otero County Prison Facility is a privately managed prison for men located in Chaparral, Otero County, New Mexico, operated by the Management and Training Corporation.[1] The facility opened in 2003, and has a capacity of 1420.

Otero County is the owner of the facility. Clients include the state, which began sending about 300 sex offenders to the institution beginning in early 2013.[2] Most of the facility is dedicated to housing federal prisoners of the United States Marshals Service, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.[3]

A 2011 ACLU report was highly critical of prison conditions in Otero County, access to legal resources, and the level of health care provided.[4] As of December 2017, the ICE Processing Center at Otero County "landed at the center of ongoing controversy surrounding private prisons and ICE detention" when a report of the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General found that conditions undermined the rights of detainees meant to be held in civil, not punitive, custody.[5]

In 2018, some of the detained immigrant parents affected by the Trump administration family separation policy were housed at Otero County.[6]


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