Other Folks' Music

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Other Folks' Music
Other Folks' Music.jpg
Studio album by Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Released 1976
Recorded March, 1976
Genre Jazz
Label Atlantic
Producer Joel Dorn
Rahsaan Roland Kirk chronology
The Case of the 3 Sided Dream in Audio Color
(1975)The Case of the 3 Sided Dream in Audio Color1975
Other Folks' Music
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]
The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide3/5 stars[2]

Other Folks' Music is an album by jazz multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk featuring performances by Kirk with Richard Williams, Kermit Moore, Gloria Agostini, Trudy Pitts, Hilton Ruiz, Henry Mattathias Pearson, Roy Haynes, Sonny Brown, Arthur Jenkins and Joseph "Habao" Texidor recorded in March 1976.[3]


The Allmusic review by Thom Jurek states "Other Folks' Music is perhaps his most dizzying and troubling recording. Meant to be both a tribute and a pointer for the next move in modern black music, Other Folks' Music is, when all is said and done, a very private altar adorned with much of Kirk's personal iconography... in all of Kirk's moods and segues, his usually indelible mark of inseparability — the trace that says that this is all one music and we are all one people — is missing here, and the listener can feel the separation between tracks, and sometimes inside the tracks themselves. The music is still topnotch, but that nagging ghost of isolation on Other Folks' Music can still haunt the listener".[4]

Track listing[edit]

All compositions by Rahsaan Roland Kirk except as indicated.
  1. "Water for Robeson and Williams" (Rahsaan Roland Kirk) - 3:48
  2. "That's All" (Alan Brandt, Bob Haymes) - 7:39
  3. "Donna Lee" (Charlie Parker) - 4:10
  4. "Simone" (Frank Foster) - 9:05
  5. "Anysha" (Trudy Pitts) - 8:13
  6. "Samba Kwa Mwanamke Mweusi" (Henry Mattathias Pearson) - 6:53
  7. "Arrival" (Hilton Ruiz) - 7:09
  • Recorded at Regent Sound Studios, NYC, March, 1975



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