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This article is about a class of military ranks in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries. For other ranks in Denmark, see Other ranks (Denmark).

Other ranks (ORs) in the British Army, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force and in the armies and air forces of many other Commonwealth countries are those personnel who are not commissioned officers, usually including non-commissioned officers (NCOs).[1][2] In the Royal Navy, these personnel are called "ratings".[3] Non-commissioned member is the equivalent term for the Canadian Forces. Colloquially, members of the other ranks are known as "rankers".

The term is sometimes considered to exclude warrant officers, and occasionally also excludes NCOs.[4]

In the United States military, and in the military forces of many non-Commonwealth countries, the equivalent term is enlisted rank, which generally includes non-commissioned officers (unless specifying junior enlisted), but always excludes the American type of warrant officer.

In the "standard rank scale" maintained by NATO, "other ranks" are coded from OR1 (lowest) to OR9.

British India[edit]

In British India, a distinction was made between British other ranks (BORs) and Indian other ranks (IORs).

Comparative ranks[edit]

NATO Code OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
United Kingdom British Army
Army-GBR-OR-09b.svg Army-GBR-OR-08a.svg
(Quartermaster Sergeant)
Army-GBR-OR-08b.svg Army-GBR-OR-07.svg Army-GBR-OR-06.svg No Equivalent Army-GBR-OR-04.svg Army-GBR-OR-03.svg No Insignia
Warrant Officer Class 1 Warrant Officer Class 2 Sergeant Private
(or equivalent)
Abbreviation Cdr WO1 WO2 S/Sgt
Sgt Cpl L/Cpl Pte
United Kingdom Royal Air Force
(United Kingdom)
RAF-Master Aircrew-OR-9.png RAF-Warrant Officer-OR-9.png No equivalent
RAF-Flt Sgt-OR-7.png
Flight sergeant
RAF-Flt Sgt AC-OR-7.png
Flight sergeant aircrew
RAF-Chf Tch-OR-7.png
RAF-Sgt AC-OR-6.png
Sergeant aircrew
RAF-Cpl-OR-4.png RAF-Ln Cpl-OR-7.png
RAF-SAC Tech-OR-2.png
Senior aircraftman/woman technician
Senior aircraftman/woman
RAF-LAC-OR-2.png No insignia
Master aircrew Warrant officer Chief technician Corporal Lance corporal
RAF Regiment only
Leading aircraftman/woman Aircraftman/Woman
United Kingdom Royal Navy (United Kingdom) No equivalent No equivalent OR2 RN Able Rate.gif No equivalent
Warrant officer class 1 Warrant officer class 2 Chief petty officer Petty officer Leading rate Able rate Able rate
Abbreviation WO1 WO2 CPO PO LH AB ORD
United Kingdom United Kingdom (Royal Marines)
OR7 RM Colour Sergeant.svg OR5n6 RM Sergeant.svg No equivalent OR4 RM Corporal.svg OR3 RM Lance Corporal.svg No insignia No equivalent
Warrant officer class 1 Warrant officer class 2 Colour sergeant Sergeant Corporal Lance corporal Marine


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