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OTHR is a design brand of unique 3D-printed objects for the home, created in collaboration with world’s leading designers.[1]

Launched in May 2016, OTHR partners with international designers to develop products in high-quality materials from 3D-printed porcelain to steel to precious metals. New product lines launch every two weeks. Items are created on-demand upon purchase, and each OTHR product is individually numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.[2]

OTHR was founded by New York-based designers Joe Doucet, Dean DiSimone, and Evan Clabots. Its designer collaborators include Fort Standard (Brooklyn), Brad Ascalon (New York), Claesson Koivisto Rune (Stockholm), Todd Bracher (New York), and Michael Sodeau (London).[3]

OTHR has received funding from early-stage angel investors including investors behind Uber, Bonobos, and SoulCycle, among others. Each of OTHR's first 100 designer collaborators also has equity in the company.


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