Otley (film)

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Directed by Dick Clement
Written by Dick Clement
Starring Tom Courtenay
Romy Schneider
Music by Stanley Myers
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates
March 11, 1969
Country United States
Language English

Otley is a 1968 American comedy thriller film. Film critic Judith Crist described it as "a bright, breezy, light-handed but never lightheaded spies-and-counterspies story."[1]


Tom Courtenay plays Gerald Arthur Otley, a hapless light-fingered and womanizing antiques dealer who "suddenly finds himself caught up in a round of murder, espionage and quadruple crossing."[1] Otley is mistaken for a spy; a real spy (Romy Schneider) falls in love with him.

The action takes place in a houseboat colony on the Thames and the Playboy and health clubs and a golf course in London. One scene depicts an explosion in the Notting Hill Gate tube station; a driving test turns into a car chase involving a Vauxhall Viva and a Ford Zephyr (or Zodiac).

The film marked the directorial debut of Dick Clement.[1] It was adapted by Clement and Ian La Frenais from a book by Martin Waddell, and made at Shepperton Studios.



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