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Otodectes ear mite
Scientific classification
O. cynotis
Binomial name
Otodectes cynotis
(Hering, 1838)

Otodectes is a genus of parasitic mite in the superfamily Psoroptidae (the biting cohort of the Sarcoptiformes order of mites). There is a single species of mite in this genus, Otodectes cynotis.[1] This mite is within the class Arachnida and subclass Acari for mites and ticks. Otodectes are external parasites (ectoparasites) of dogs, cats and ferrets,[2] but can be found on many other mammals.[3] Otodectes is found worldwide.[4]

The mite is 0.4 mm (0.016 in) in size,[2] approximately the size of a grain of salt, and can be seen with the naked eye.[5] It lives in the external ear canal of its host, and causes intense irritation leading to otitis externa.[2]

The lifecycle of O. cynotis takes approximately three weeks.[1]

Otodectes cynotis is typically spread by direct contact with infected species and does not have evidence of living in the environment for transmission.[6]


New Latin Otodectes is from Greek prefix "ωτο- (ōto-)" meaning "ear" and the Greek word "δήκτης (dēktēs)" meaning "begger."[7]


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