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Instant History
Anime television series
Directed byRyuichi Yokoyama
StudioOtogi Production
Original networkFuji Television
Original run May 1, 1961 February 24, 1962
Anime television series
Directed byRyuichi Yokoyama
StudioOtogi Production
Original networkTBS
Original run June 25, 1962 July 4, 1964
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Instant History, also known as Otogi Manga Calendar (おとぎマンガカレンダー) (Otogi Manga Karenda = Otogi Manga Calendar) was a black and white Japanese anime series aired from 1961 to 1964.


The show was about historical events through a character who was not aware of "what happened on this day in history". Sometimes photographs and film footages were mixed in with the animations to explain what historical event had taken place. The research archives came from the newspaper where the director's Fuku-chan manga was printing at the time.


The series began in 1961 as a series of 3 minute shorts that comprised a mix of animation, film footage and stills taken from the research archives of Mainichi Shinbun. Director Ruichi Yokoyama's Fuku-chan manga was running in the newspaper at the time. This first series was broadcast as Instant History on Fuji TV and was sponsored by Meiji Seika. The series was then recycled into Otogi Manga Calendar which was broadcast on Tokyo Broadcasting System in 1962 and was sponsored by Kirin Company. Parts of the series are also found in Knowledgeable University which was broadcast on Mainichi Broadcasting System in 1966.[1]

Season Japanese Name English Name First Aired Last Aired
Season 1 インスタントヒストリー Instant History May 1, 1961 February 24, 1962
Season 2 おとぎマンガカレンダー Otogi Manga Calendar June 25, 1962 July 4, 1964

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