Oto-Pamean languages

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Linguistic classificationOto-Mangue
  • Western Oto-Mangue ?
    • Oto-Pame–Chinantecan ?
      • Oto-Pamean
Otopamean languages.png

The Oto-Pamean languages are a branch of the Oto-Manguean languages that includes languages of the Otomi-Mazahua, Matlatzinca, and Pamean language groups all of which are spoken in central Mexico. Like all Oto-Manguean languages, the Oto-Pamean languages are tonal languages, though most have relatively simple tone systems.[2] Unlike many Oto-Manguean languages that tend towards an isolating typology, they are morphologically complex headmarking languages with complex systems of conjugational classes both for verbs and nouns, and in the Pamean languages there are highly complex patterns of suppletion.



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