Otowa, Aichi

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Former municipality
Otowa Town Office and Cultural Hall
Otowa Town Office and Cultural Hall
Location of Otowa in Aichi Prefecture
Location of Otowa in Aichi Prefecture
Otowa is located in Japan
Location in Japan
Coordinates: 34°51′21″N 137°18′38″E / 34.85583°N 137.31056°E / 34.85583; 137.31056Coordinates: 34°51′21″N 137°18′38″E / 34.85583°N 137.31056°E / 34.85583; 137.31056
Country Japan
Region Chūbu (Tōkai)
Prefecture Aichi Prefecture
District Hoi
Merged January 15, 2008
(now part of Toyokawa)
 • Total 29.65 km2 (11.45 sq mi)
Population (November 1, 2007)
 • Total 8,870
 • Density 299.15/km2 (774.8/sq mi)
 • Tree Azalea
 • Flower Enkianthus subsessilis
Time zone Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
Website City of Toyokawa

Otowa (音羽町?, Otowa-chō) was a town located in Hoi District, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

On January 15, 2008, Otowa, along with the town of Mito (also from Hoi District), was merged into the expanded city of Toyokawa.

As of November 1, 2007 (the last census data prior to the merger), the town had an estimated population of 8,870 and a population density of 299.15 persons per km². The total area was 29.65 km².


  • Principal mountains: Kyōgamine (京ヶ峰), Mt. Miyaji (宮路山), Shiro-yama (城山), Mt. Kan'non (観音山)
  • Principal rivers: Otowa River (音羽川), Yamakage River (山陰川)


  • June 23, 1894 - Akasaka Village changed over to Akasaka Town (赤坂町).
  • April 1, 1955 - Otowa was founded by the unification of Akasaka Town, Nagasawa Village (長沢村) and Hagi Village (萩村).
  • 1981 - Otowa Town Office was moved. Symbol of Otowa was established.
  • 1986 - Tōmei Expressway Otowa-Gamagori Interchange opened.
  • 1987 - The rezoning of Akasaka was carried. ( - 1993)
  • 1992 - Otowa Town Field Park (音羽町運動公園) was completed.
  • 1999 - Otowa Town Office was moved. New office and Cultural Hall ("Windia Hall") was completed.
  • 2000 - Otowa Town Library and Akasaka Community Center was completed.
  • 2002 - Akasaka Rest House (赤坂休憩所), commonly called "Yoramaikan (よらまいかん)" was completed.
  • 2005 - Ceremony to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding Otowa Town was held.
  • January 15, 2008 - Otowa Town, along with Mito Town (also from Hoi District), was merged into the expanded Toyokawa City.


Successive mayors[edit]

# Name Kanji Took Office Left Office
1 Watanabe Ryūji 渡邉 隆次 April 30, 1955 April 29, 1959
2 Sakakibara Buntarō 榊原 文太郎 April 30, 1959 June 10, 1962
3 Uebayashi Tahē 上林 多兵惠 July 29, 1962 December 18, 1963
4 Iyoda Isamu 伊與田 勇 January 21, 1964 January 20, 1968
5-8 Horiuchi Shigeaki 堀内 重昭 January 21, 1968 January 20, 1984
9-12 Nakamori Kōichi 中森 幸一 January 21, 1984 January 20, 2000
13-14 Utsuno Takeshi 宇都野 武 January 21, 2000 January 14, 2008


  • Tokai Rika Otowa Factory


Otowa Junior High School
Otowa Town Library and Akasaka Community Center
Otowa Town Field Park


Primary schools[edit]

  • Akasaka Primary School
  • Nagasawa Primary School
  • Hagi Primary School

Junior High school[edit]

  • Otowa Junior High School

Social education[edit]

Ceremony Hall[edit]

  • Otowa Town Cultural Hall ("Windia Hall")

Community centers[edit]

  • Akasaka Community Center
  • Nagasawa Community Center
  • Hagi Community Center
  • Akasakadai Community Center


  • Otowa Town Library

Athletic institution[edit]

  • Otowa Town Field Park





Toll road[edit]

  • Toll road - Otowa-Gamagori Toll Road, commonly called "Mikawa Bay Orange Road (三河湾オレンジロード)"

National highway[edit]


  • Tōmei Highway Bus: Otowa Bus Stop
  • Otowa Town Community Bus

Local attractions[edit]

Reappear of the daimyo's procession
  • Akasaka-juku (赤坂宿) - The thirty-sixth of the fifty-three stations of the Tōkaidō.
  • Mt. Miyaji (宮路山 Miyaji-san) - It is said that Empress Jitō visited this mountain. In the autumn, maple leaves turn red.
  • Ruins of the Nagasawa Castle (長沢城址) - Today, The Nagasawa Primary School and the residential area of Kojō (古城団地 Kojō Danchi) is located in this site. The word "Kojō" means "old castle".
  • Ceremony to pray for rain (雨乞い祭り amagoi matsuri) - A ceremony held in every August.
  • Ceremony of the Sugimori Hachimansha (杉森八幡社祭礼) - A ceremony held in every October. In this ceremony, the daimyo's procession is reappeared.

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