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O-31 shield}}

Otoyol 31
Izmir-Aydın Motorway
İzmir-Aydın Otoyolu
Route information
Part of
Length: 108 km (67 mi)
Major junctions
From: Işıkkent, Izmir
To: Aydın South
Regions: Aegean
Provinces: Izmir, Aydın
Major cities: Izmir, Aydın
Highway system
Motorways in Turkey

Otoyol 31 (English: Motorway 31), abbreviated as , aka İzmir-Aydın Otoyolu (English: Izmir-Aydın Motorway), is a toll motorway in the Aegean Region of Turkey connecting the cities of İzmir and Aydın.

The motorway links to the beltway of Izmir on its northern end and connects to the state road D-550 bypassing Aydın in the south. On its total length of 108 km (67 mi), the O-31 connects to the European route .

Located at the province border of Izmir and Aydın between Belevi and Germencik junctions and went in service on April 20, 2000, the 75th Anniversary Selatin Tunnel (Turkish: 75. Yıl Selatin Tüneli), is with its length of 3,043 m (9,984 ft) Turkey's second longest road tunnel.[1]

Motorway O-31 in İzmir

Exit list[edit]

Province District km mi Exit Destination Notes
Izmir Buca 0.0 0.0 K6 (Izmir Bltwy) — Balçova, Menemen
1.8 1.1
Işıkkent Toll Plaza
Menderes 11.4 7.1 K1 D-550Adnan Menderes Airport
Torbalı 20.5 12,7 K2 Torbalı connector — Torbalı
Selçuk 34.5 21.4 K3 D-550Selçuk
Tire 41.3 25.6
75th Anniversary Selatin Tunnel
Aydın Germencik 44.3 27.5
79.1 49.1 K4 D-525Söke
Aydın 111.0
Aydın Toll Plaza
113.7 68.9 K5 D-550Aydın Aydın West
118.9 73.8 K6 D-550Çine Aydın South
127.8 79.4 K7 D-320Denizli Aydın East

Light blue indicates toll section of motorway.

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