Otoyol 50

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Otoyol 50
Adana Beltway
Adana Çevreyolu
Route information
Part of
Major junctions
From: Kuyumcular, Adana
To: Yıldırım Beyazıt Mah., Adana
Regions: Mediterranean
Provinces: Adana Province
Major cities: Adana
Highway system

Otoyol 50 (English: Motorway 50), abbreviated as O-50, aka Adana Çevreyolu (English: Adana Beltway), is a motorway in Adana, Turkey that forms a half ring road around the city.

It starts in the west of Adana at eastern terminus of Adana-Erdemli Motorway O-51, runs north of the city, and ends northeast of Adana connecting to Adana-Şanlıurfa Motorway O-52. O-50 is on its full length of 23 km (14 mi) part of the European route E90 and the international Asian Highway 84. Adana Beltwey is toll-free.

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