Otoyol 51

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O-51 shield}}

Otoyol 51
Adana-Erdemli Motorway
Adana-Erdemli Otoyolu
Route information
Part of
Length: 99 km (62 mi)
Major junctions
From: Adana West
To: Erdemli, Mersin
Regions: Mediterranean
Provinces: Adana, Mersin
Major cities: Adana, Tarsus, Mersin
Highway system

Otoyol 51 (English: Motorway 51), abbreviated as O-51, aka Adana-Erdemli Otoyolu (English: Adana-Erdemli Motorway), is a toll motorway in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey, connecting the cities Adana and Mersin. The motorway is on its full length of 99 km (62 mi) part of international routes as of European route E90 and Asian Highway 84.

The motorway starts from the western terminus of Adana-Şanlıurfa Motorway O-52, runs westward reaching the south terminus of Pozantı-Adana Motorway O-21 northeast of Tarsus, continues southwest to Mersin bypassing it at north and terminates in Erdemli.

There are plans to extend the motorway to Silifke.

Route list[edit]

Province km Exit No. Name Notes
Adana 0.0 0.0 AB-AS-grün.svg K1 University Exit
Adana 2.1 2.1 AB-AS-grün.svg K2 Beyazevler Exit
Adana 3.0 5.1 AB-AS-grün.svg K3 Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard Exit
Adana 3.3 8.4 AB-AS-grün.svg K4 Adana North Exit
Adana 7.5 15.9 AB-AS-grün.svg K5 Adana West Exit
Péage - paiement.png Adana West Toll Plaza
Mersin 19.1 35.0 Péage - paiement.png AB-Kreuz-grün.svg K19 Tarsus East Interchange and Exit D-400
Mersin 2.1 37.1 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K6 Çamtepe Exit D-750
Mersin 11.0 48.1 Péage - paiement.png AB-AS-grün.svg K7 Tarsus West Exit D-400
Péage - paiement.png Mersin East Toll Plaza
Mersin 24.0 72.1 AB-AS-grün.svg K8 Free Area Exit D-400
Mersin 4.8 76.9 AB-AS-grün.svg K9 Mersin Exit
Mersin 7.4 84.3 AB-AS-grün.svg K10 Mersin Stadium Exit
Mersin 7.6 91.9 AB-AS-grün.svg K11 Kuyuluk Exit
Mersin 7.3 99.2 AB-AS-grün.svg K12 Çeşmeli Exit End of Motorway

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