Otradnoye District

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Otradnoye District

Flag of Otradnoye District
Coat of arms of Otradnoye District
Coat of arms
Location of Otradnoye District on the map of Moscow
Coordinates: 55°51′37″N 37°36′08″E / 55.86028°N 37.60222°E / 55.86028; 37.60222Coordinates: 55°51′37″N 37°36′08″E / 55.86028°N 37.60222°E / 55.86028; 37.60222
Federal subjectMoscow
 • Estimate 
Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK Edit this on Wikidata[2])
OKTMO ID45359000

Otradnoye District (Russian: райо́н Отра́дное) is an administrative district (raion) of North-Eastern Administrative Okrug, and one of the 125 raions of Moscow, Russia.[3] The area of the district is 10.16 square kilometers (3.92 sq mi).

Dekabristov street, Otradnoe, Moscow


School No. 263 is located in this district.[4]

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