Otso Diretso

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Otso Diretso
Founded2018 (2018)
Preceded byKoalisyon ng Daang Matuwid
IdeologyBig tent
Coalition membersLiberal Party
Akbayan (PMP)
Magdalo Party-List
Aksyon Demokratiko
SloganMakinig. Matuto. Kumilos.

Otso Diretso (transl. Straight Eight) is an electoral alliance of political parties in the Philippines in the 2019 Philippine general elections that are in opposition to President Rodrigo Duterte.[1][2] It is a slate of eight candidates (otso translates as eight) for the Philippine Senate. Twelve senators will be elected in 2019, half of the 24 member senate. Senators are elected in a single, multiple-candidate district encompassing the entire country.

The alliance believes that the 2019 midterm elections will be a "referendum" on Duterte's government. [3][4] The coalition hopes to build a new political culture based on political leaders practicing "makinig, matuto, kumilos" (Tagalog for "listen, learn, take action"), with each candidate emphasizing the need for government to listen to its citizens.[5]

The coalition's platforms and policies are based on Project Makinig, a nationwide listening campaign conducted by 9,800 volunteers that generated 118,000 conversations.[6] Project Makinig aimed to find out the issues most relevant to Filipino voters, to form the basis for the messaging, strategy, and platform of the coalition.[7]

Otso Diretso's eight-point political platform includes "poverty alleviation, a more robust economy with more jobs and lower prices of goods, a peaceful home and nation for the benefit of Filipino children, improved education and free college tuition that will lead to jobs, fair wages and profit for laborers, farmers, and fishermen, expanded rights for senior citizens and PWDs, national security, and judicial reform."[8]

The parties that are members of the alliance are the Liberal Party, Akbayan, the Magdalo Party-List and Aksyon Demokratiko. Senator Francis Pangilinan serves as Otso Diretso's campaign manager.[9]

Senatorial slate[edit]

Candidate Party Last position in government Relatives in government Elected
Gary Alejano
Magdalo / Liberal
Representative, 2013-current No
Bam Aquino
Senator, 2013-current, up for reelection former Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. (uncle), former President Corazon Aquino (aunt), former President Benigno Aquino III (cousin) No
Chel Diokno
none (founding Dean De La Salle University College of Law, chairman Free Legal Assistance Group) Senator Jose Diokno (father), former National Historical Commission of the Philippine Chairman Maria Serena Diokno (sister) No
Samira Gutoc
former member of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission none No
Florin Hilbay
Solicitor General, 2014-16 No
Romulo Macalintal
none (lawyer) No
Mar Roxas
Senator, 2004-10; Secretary of Trade and Industry, 2000-03; Secretary of Transportation and Communications 2011-12; Secretary of the Interior and Local Government, 2012-15 President Manuel Roxas (grandfather), Senator Gerry Roxas (father) No
Erin Tañada
Representative 2004-13 Senator Lorenzo Tañada (grandfather), Senator Wigberto Tañada (father) No


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