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Otsuichi (乙一 Otsuichi?) is the pen name of Hirotaka Adachi (安達 寛高 Adachi Hirotaka?), born 1978. He is a Japanese writer, mostly of horror short stories, as well as a filmmaker. He is a member of the Mystery Writers of Japan and the Honkaku Mystery Writers Club of Japan.[1][2]

He made his debut with Summer, Fireworks and My Corpse while still in high school. Major works include the novel Goth, which was adapted into a comic and a feature film (Goth: Love of Death) and the Zoo short story collections which were also adapted into a feature film. Goth won the 2003 Honkaku Mystery Award.[3]

Tokyopop has published English-language translations of his short story collection Calling You, the novel Goth and the comic adaptations of both. Another short story, F-Sensei's Pocket, appears in the English edition of the literary magazine Faust.

Works in English translation[edit]

  • Calling You (original title: Kimi ni shika kikoenai: Kōringu Yū), trans. Agnes Yoshida (TokyoPop, 2007)
    • Calling You
    • Kiz/Kids
    • Flower Song
  • Goth (original title: Gosu: Risutokatto jiken), trans. Andrew Cunningham (TokyoPop, 2008 / VIZ Media, 2015)
  • Zoo (original title: ), trans. Terry Gallagher (VIZ Media, 2009 / Shueisha English Edition, 2013)[4]
    • Zoo
    • In a Falling Airplane
    • The White House in the Cold Forest
    • Find the Blood!
    • In a Park at Twlilight, a Long Time Ago
    • Wardrobe
    • Song of the Sunny Spot
    • Kazari and Yoko
    • SO-Far
    • Words of God
    • Seven Rooms
  • Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse (original title: Natsu to hanabi to watashi no shitai), trans. Nathan Collins (VIZ Media, 2010)
    • Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse
    • Yuko
    • Black Fairy Tale
  • Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse (original title: Natsu to hanabi to watashi no shitai), trans. Nathan Collins (Shueisha English Edition, 2013)[4]
    • Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse
    • Yuko
  • Black Fairy Tale (original title: Ankoku dōwa), trans. Nathan Collins (Shueisha English Edition, 2013)[4]
Short story
  • F-sensei's Pocket (original title: F sensei no poketto), trans. Andrew Cunningham, illustrated by Takeshi Obata (Faust 1, Del Rey, 2008)
  • Where the Wind Blows (original title: Mado ni fuku kaze), trans. Andrew Cunningham, illustrated by Takeshi Obata (Faust 2, Del Rey, 2009)
  • Firestarter Yukawa (original title: Faiasutātā Yukawa-san), trans. Matt Treyvaud, illustrated by KEI (Kindle Single, 2015) written under the name Eiichi Nakata

Awards and nominations[edit]

Japanese Awards
U.S. Award


Novels or short story collections[edit]

  • Summer, Fireworks and My Corpse (Shueisha, 1996: ISBN 4-08-703052-0, Shueisha bunko, 2000: ISBN 4-08-747198-5)
    • Summer, Fireworks and My Corpse
    • Yuko
  • Tentei Yōko (Shueisha, 1998: ISBN 4-08-703070-9, Shueisha bunko, 2001: ISBN 4-08-747342-2)
    • A Masked Ball - Or, the appearance and disappearance of the bathroom smoker
    • Tentei Yōko
  • Ishi no Me (Shueisha, 2000: ISBN 4-08-702013-4)/Heimen Inu (Shueisha Bunko, 2003: ISBN 4-08-747590-5)
    • Ishi no Me
    • Hajime
    • Blue
    • Heimen Inu
  • Shissō Holiday (Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko, 2001: ISBN 4-04-425301-3)
    • Happiness is a Warm Kitty
    • Shissō Holiday
  • Calling You (Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko, 2001: ISBN 4-04-425302-1)
    • Calling You[6]
    • Kiz/Kids[6]
    • Flower Song
  • Ankoku Dowa (Shueisha, 2001: ISBN 4-08-702014-2, Shueisha Bunko, 2004: ISBN 4-08-747695-2)
  • Shinizokonai no Ao (Gentosha Bunko, 2001: ISBN 4-344-40163-8)
  • Kurai tokoro de machiawase (Gentosha Bunko, 2002: ISBN 4344402146)
  • Goth Wristcut Case (Kadokawa Shoten, 2002: ISBN 4-04-873390-7) - the winner of the 3rd Honkaku Mystery Award[3]
    • Goth
    • Wristcut
    • Dog
    • Twins
    • Grave
    • Voice
  • Goth Yoru no Shō (Kadokawa Bunko, 2005: ISBN 4-04-425304-8)
    • Goth
    • Dog
    • Twins
  • Goth Boku no Shō (Kadokawa Bunko, 2005: ISBN 4-04-425305-6)
    • Wristcut
    • Grave
    • Voice
  • Samishisa no Shūhasū (Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko, 2003: ISBN 4-04-425303-X)
    • Mirai Yoho Ashita, Harereba ii
    • Te o Nigiru dorobō no Monogatari
    • Film no naka no Shōjo
    • Ushinawareta Monogatari
  • Zoo (Shueisha, 2003: ISBN 4-08-774534-1)
    • Kazari to Yōko
    • Ketsueki wo Sagase!
    • Hidamari no Shi
    • So-far
    • Tsumetai Mori no Shiroi Ie
    • Closet
    • Kami no Kotoba
    • Zoo
    • Seven Rooms
    • Ochiru hikoki no Naka de
  • Zoo 1 (Shueisha Bunko, 2006: ISBN 4-08-746037-1)
    • Kazari to Yōko
    • Seven Rooms
    • So-far
    • Hidamari no Shi
    • Zoo
  • Zoo 2 (Shueisha Bunko, 2006: ISBN 4-08-746038-X)
    • Ketsueki wo Sagase!
    • Tsumetai Mori no Shiroi Ie
    • Closet
    • Kami no Kotoba
    • Ochiru Hikoki no Naka de
    • Mukashi Yuhi no Kōen de (Not included in the original edition of Zoo. Originally appeared on Otsuichi's now defunct website.)
  • Ushinawareru Monogatari (Kadokawa Shoten, 2003: ISBN 4-04-873500-4, Kadokawa Bunko, 2006: ISBN 4-04-425306-4)
    • Calling You
    • Ushinawareru Monogatari
    • Kiz/Kids
    • Te wo Nigiru Dorobō no Monogatari
    • Happiness is a Warm Kitty
    • Maria no Yubi
    • Boku no Kashikoi Pantsu-kun (Only in bunko edition)
    • Usokano (Only in bunko edition)
  • Gun and Chocolate (Kodansha Mystery Land, 2006: ISBN 4-06-270580-X)

Picture book[edit]


  • Shosei Monogatari (Gentosha, 2004: ISBN 4-344-00655-0)
    • Collection of essays written for the web
  • Toruko Nikki ~ Dame Ningen Sakka Trio no Datsuryoku Tabi Nikki~ (Shueisha, 2006: ISBN 4-08-780424-0)
    • Serialized on the web, heavily revised; in tandem with Shinji Sadakane and Makoto Matsubara.

Uncollected Stories[edit]

  • Ugoku Omocha (Shosetsu Subaru, August 2000)
  • Tsuma no Denwa (Shosetsu Subaru, August 2000)
  • Kamikakushi (Shosetsu Subaru, August 2000)
  • Shufuku sareta Mizu (Da Vinci, November 2002)
  • Kaidan (Akumu seigyo Sochi horror anthology, November 2002)
  • F-Sensei no Pocket (Faust vol. 2, 2004)
  • Kodomo ha Tōku ni Itta (Faust vol. 4, 2004)
  • Dare ni mo Tsuzukanai (Faust vol.4, 2004)
  • Mado ni fuku Kaze (Faust vol.6 Side-A, 2005)
  • Kono ko no e wa Mikansei (Nanatsu no Kuroi Yume, March 2006)
  • Utopia (Light novel o kaku!, August 2006)


  • Hajime (Weekly Shonen Jump)
    • Script. Art by Takeshi Obata. Two part short story, appeared in Jump in 2003.
  • Misshitsu Kanojo (2006, gekidan, Yukiko Mototani)
    • Planning. Not published, but his plot in script for was distributed at performances.
  • Shonen Shojo Horyuki (Shosetsu Subaru)
    • Script. Art by Usamaru Furuya.


His movie work is often done under his real name.

  • Nikako no Hitomi (2002)
    • Directed by Keisaku Sato. Script by Keisaku Sato and Hirotaka Adachi.
  • Pool de Oyoda Kaerimichi (2002)
    • 5-minute-long short film. Written and directed by Hirotaka Adachi.
  • Rittai Tokyo (2007)
    • Scheduled to be shown at the Yubari Ouen Eigasai. Directed by Hirotaka Adachi.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure novelization[edit]

In 2000, it was announced that Otsuichi would be writing a novel set during the fourth arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The novel proved difficult to complete; in Kono Mystery ga Sugoi 2004, Otsuichi claimed to have written over 2000 pages, but thrown them all out.[7] Intent on writing a novel that lived up to the manga, it took him until 2007 to complete it.[8]

  • The Book: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 4th Another Day.



  • Te o nigiru Dorobo no Monogatari (2004)
    • Made for web, released on DVD
  • Zoo (2005)
    • Anthology film, covering five of the stories in the Zoo short story collection. Kazari to Yoko, Seven Rooms, So-far, Hidamari no Shi, and Zoo. Hidamari no Shi was animated; each film had a different director.
  • Kurai tokoro de Machiawase (2006)
  • Calling You (2007)
  • Kids (2008)
  • Goth (2008)


  • Goth (Monthly Shonen Ace)
  • -Kiz/Kids- (Asuka)
  • Calling You (Asuka)
    • These two were collected as Calling You and published in English by Tokyopop.
  • Kimi ni shika Kikoenai (Shonen Ace)
  • Shinizokonai no Ao (Mystery Bst.)
    • Collection from Gentosha comics, collectsion Shinisokonai no ao, Kurai tokoro de Machiawase, and Happiness is a Warm Kitty.
  • Zoo (Young Jump Special Mankaku)
    • Collection contains Kazari to Yoko, Kami no Kotoba, Youdamari no Shi, and Zoo.
  • Shisso Holiday (Beans Ace)
  • Shonen Shojo Hyonikki (Shueisha)
    • Collects the serial from Shosetsu Subaru. The authors name is given as Furuya x Otsuichi x Usamaru

Drama CD[edit]

  • Calling You (2003, Sneaker CD Collection)

TV Drama[edit]

  • Shisso Holiday
    • Broadcast from February 10, 2007, on Terebi Asahi


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