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A streetcar built by the Ottawa Car Company for the Toronto system

The Ottawa Car Company was a builder of streetcars for the Canadian market and was founded in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1891[1] as an outgrowth of the carriage building operations of William W. Wylie. Its plant was located at Kent and Slater Streets, a short distance from Parliament Hill. The company was a subsidiary of Ottawa Electric Railway Company, in turn controlled by Ahearn & Soper.

It was renamed Ottawa Car Manufacturing Company in 1917 and again as Ottawa Car and Aircraft Limited in 1937.

The Ahearn family retained control of the company until 1948 when they sold Ottawa Car & Aircraft Corporation (renamed during World War II) to the Mailman Corporation.[2] The new owners never carried on the business and ceased operations as streetcars were being abandoned by cities across North America.[3] The city of Ottawa abandoned its own streetcar network in 1959. The company produced a total of about 1700 vehicles.

On 19 August 1994 Canada Post issued 88¢ stamps featuring Ottawa Car Company Streetcar, 1894, Saint John Railway Co. Car #40.[4]






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