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Coordinates: 45°24′39″N 75°41′25″W / 45.41081°N 75.69015°W / 45.41081; -75.69015

Ottawa Curling Club
Ottawa Curling Club Logo.png
Entrance to the club.
Entrance to the club.
Location 440 O'Connor Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K2P 1W4
Established 1851
Founder(s) Allan Gilmour
Club type Dedicated Ice
CCA region OCA Zone 1
Sheets of ice Five
Rock colours Red and Yellow         

The Ottawa Curling Club is an historic curling club located in O'Connor Street in the Centretown neighbourhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is the oldest curling club in Ottawa, established in 1851 by Allan Gilmour as the Bytown Curling Club. The Club first played on the Rideau Canal until 1858. It subsequently moved to different locations around the city until finally settling at its current location on O'Connor in 1916. In 1931 the Club was expanded to the current capacity of 5 curling sheets. Artificial ice was also installed at that time. In 1998 and 1999, former club member John Morris won the Junior Men's World Curling Championship. The Ottawa Curling Club is one of two clubs in Downtown Ottawa, the other is the Rideau Curling Club, which maintains a rivalry with the Ottawa.


Ottawa Curling Club, 1904

The By Town Curling Club was established in 1851 under the presidency of lumber businessman Allan Gilmour. Its earliest facility was a rudimentary shed located near Lisgar Street adjoining the Rideau Canal. Canal water was used to construct the single ice sheet. The club constructed a new rink on Albert Street east of O'Connor in 1867, expanding play to two sheets. In 1878, the club spent $510 to move the building structure to a property near Wellington Street west of Kent on the former Vittoria Street which is today federal property in the Supreme Court district. The rink structure was replaced by a brick building which opened in December 1906. In 1914, the club lost the land due to a significant federal government expropriation.[1]

The club's present location was opened on December 1916 when premises on O'Connor Street were provided through a gift by James Manuel, a wealthy local businessman, curler and club president.[1] In 1927, the club was threatened with eviction by Toronto General Trust which represented Manuel's estate at that time. The club maintained that the terms of agreement with Manuel that it had rightful control of the property as long as the facilities were maintained for curling.[2] In the following year, the courts ruled that the club had no formal claim to the property due to the club's unincorporated status at that time, combined with the lack of a written will or agreement regarding Manuel's wishes. The club therefore was required to purchase the property from the estate.[3]

Formal incorporation of the Ottawa Curling Club Limited was completed in 1929.[1] Artificial ice and expansion from four to five sheets followed in 1931.[1]


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The Ottawa Curling Club has a number of different curling leagues that participate at the club. Some are club leagues, while others (like the teachers league or the Rainbow Rockers Curling League) are rentals. Official leagues at the club are the Monday Ladder (open). Business Women (Tuesday), Open Cash (Wednesday), Business Men (Thursday), Mixed (Friday), Saturday Men, Sunday Open, Daytime League, Little rocks/bantam and the University/College League.

Cash League[edit]

The cash league which runs Wednesday evenings is the league with the highest calibre of curling. Some of the top curlers in the world curl in the cash league at the Ottawa Curling Club. Winners of games receive money, which can vary depending on the level the teams involved are at. The league is open, so there are both men's and women's teams. Curlers in the OCC Cash league include Lynn Kreviazuk, Chris Gardner, Craig Savill, Erin Morrissey, Karen Sagle, Ian MacAulay, Jean-Michel Ménard, Jamie Sinclair, Jenn Hanna, Pascale Letendre, Stephanie Hanna and Mark Homan.[4]

University / College League[edit]

For the 2006-07 season, the Ottawa Curling Club introduced a league on Sunday nights for students in the Ottawa area to participate. At the time, no university in the city had a curling team, so this league was created to facilitate interest in curling from students in Ottawa. At the end of the year, the first championship was played between Carleton University and the University of Ottawa with Carleton winning 6-4.[5]

Club Champions[edit]

The club championship is held annually. It is a playoff round featuring the top teams from each of the leagues at the club.

Current famous curlers[edit]

Source: 2006-07 Ottawa Curling Club Directory. See also Hall of Fame

Famous past members[edit]


The Ottawa and Rideau Curling Clubs used to host the John Shea Insurance Canada Cup Qualifier. In 2003, both clubs hosted the 2003 Canadian Junior Curling Championships. The club also hosted the 2006 and 2007 Canadian Blind Curling Championships.

Provincial champions[edit]

Year Event Skip Third Second Lead Record at Nationals Record at Worlds
1972 Women's Juniors Judy Jamieson Debbie Grant Lynn Britt Denise Allan  ? -
1972 British Consols Eldon Coombe Keith Forgues Jim Patrick Barry Provost 4th (6-4) N/A
1979 Men's Masters Ted Root Ralph Smith Bob Martin Elwyn MacDonald N/A N/A
1985 Intermediate Men's Russ Taylor Bruce Lonsbery Al Reed Jack Casserly N/A N/A
1990 Men's Masters Ken Hart Roy James Cec Morris Rae Brown N/A N/A
1993 Silver Tankard Brad Shinn
Ian MacAulay
John Theriault
Bill Gamble
Dave Korim
Richard Groulx
Geoff Colley
Barry Conrad
1993 Challenge Terry Clark Jack Casserly Wayne Lennon Ian MacAulay N/A N/A
1995 Men's Colts Ken Campbell John Galligan James Sutherland Steve O'Brien N/A N/A
1997 Men's Masters Rod Matheson Jack Ross Bob McKenzie Gord Cummings N/A N/A
1997 Senior Mixed Paul Engelbrecht Bonnie Matheson Rod Matheson Darlene Engelrecht N/A N/A
1997 Men's Juniors John Morris Craig Savill Matt St. Louis Mark Homan 2nd (10-6)
1998 Women's Juniors Jenn Hanna Amanda Vanderspank Julie Colquhoun Stephanie Hanna 2nd (10-3) -
1998 Men's Juniors John Morris Craig Savill Andy Ormsby Brent Laing 1st (12-3) 1st (11-0)
1999 Women's Trophy Laurie Shields Barb Wheatley Andrea Leganchuk Sandra Ribey N/A N/A
1999 Men's Juniors John Morris Craig Savill Jason Young Brent Laing 1st (11-4) 1st (10-1)
2000 Senior Mixed Reg Plaster Donna Lamoureux Randy Garland Dianne Sullivan N/A N/A
2002 Women's Trophy Eveline Shaw Laurie Shields Andrea Leganchuk Sue Kollar N/A N/A
2002 Women's Tankard Eveline Shaw
Joyce Potter
Laurie Shields
Muriel Potter
Margaret Pross
Janelle Sadler
Sue Kollar
Faye Linseman
2003 Senior Mixed Randy Garland Eveline Shaw Roger Shaw Margaret Pross N/A N/A
2003 Senior Women's Joyce Potter Muriel Potter Janelle Sadler Faye Linseman 3rd (9-3) -
2005 Men's Masters Rod Matheson Eldon Coombe Ron Brown Georges Bourgon 3rd (5-3) N/A
2005 Scott Tournament of Hearts Jenn Hanna Pascale Letendre Dawn Askin Stephanie Hanna 2nd (11-6) -
2009 Women's Juniors Rachel Homan Emma Miskew Alison Kreviazuk Lynn Kreviazuk 2nd (10-3) -
2010 Women's Juniors Rachel Homan Emma Miskew Laura Crocker Lynn Kreviazuk 1st (13-0) 2nd (9-2)
2011 Men's Juniors Mathew Camm Scott Howard David Mathers Andrew Hamilton 2nd (12-4) -
2011 Scotties Tournament of Hearts Rachel Homan Emma Miskew Alison Kreviazuk Lisa Weagle 4th (9-5) -
2011 Men's Masters Layne Noble Rick Bachand Randy Garland Cal Hegge 3rd (6-2) N/A
2012 Men's Seniors Brian Lewis Jeff McCrady Steve Doty Graham Sinclair 3rd (8-4) -
2012 Men's Grand Masters Rod Matheson Eldon Coombe Jamie Angus John Lockett
2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts Rachel Homan Emma Miskew Alison Kreviazuk Lisa Weagle 1st (12-1)* 3rd (9-4)
2014 Tim Hortons Colts Kevin Rathwell Terry Scharf Graham Rathwell Ian Rathwell

* As Scotties champions, the Homan rink represented Canada at the 2014 Scotties Tournament of Hearts, without having to play in the women's provincials.


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